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Community Building


As a socially responsive organisation, we are sensitive to the needs and expectations of the community. PCBL recognises the fact that all our plants are located midst of human habitation and has the potential to pollute. Further, the economic condition and the level of education of the surrounding community are low and it’s our responsibility to raise the bar.

Realising the same, our CSR philosophy focuses on initiatives related to health and hygiene, education and the environment.

We support the following initiatives across our various plant locations:

Area Location Initiative
Education Kochi
  • Computer Education for house wives of community
  • Educational kits distribution for BPL children
  • Computer Education for BPL Children at Palej High School
  • Health awareness classes for BPL Children at Palej High School
  • Involvement of Palej high school students in RPG day celebration
  • Plant visit by students from Veera Village
  • Education kit distribution to school childrens of mokha village and donated Sports kit to Mokha and Chhasara village
Health and hyigiene Palej
  • Eye Camp at Palej village
  • Cataract Surgery of 28 patients at Jhagadia hospital Discharge of 28 patients from hagadia Hospital
  • Eye Camp at Mokha village
Environment All locations
  • Sapling plantations; creating green belts


Besides the above initiatives, PCBL supports the SMILE Foundation, a charitable institution.