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Corporate Values


The Company subscribes to the Group values of

  • Customer Happiness: Bring a smile to your customer’s face
  • Credibility: Instil trust and confidence through your actions
  • Humaneness: Be caring and respectful to all
  • Execution Excellence: Put your heart and soul into your actions
  • Speed: Move ahead of time
  • Risk-Taking: Dare to go beyond

We believe that the organisation can attain new heights only by adopting the core values in letter and spirit and filtering each activity, initiative and decision through it. This is ensured as follows:

  • Goal setting, in line with the vision and values

  • The Management Committee, responsible for defining the Vision, Mission and the Strategy makes the same keeping the underlying values in mind. The focus is eminent during all reviews of the same


  • Aligning new members to the values

  • The two-day induction process for new members of the PCBL family forms an important platform, where the Senior Leaders spend a day explaining the Vision, Mission, and Core Values, business plan of the Company and the direction of the industry including competition.


  • Inculcating the values

  • The most significant initiative launched to create the “culture of excellence” is the 360 degree feedback known as the Excel Tool.
    Launched in 2008, Excel is a comprehensive 360 degree tool. The tool consists of a feedback mechanism in which reportees, peers and managers provide feedback to individual employees regarding their behaviour on RP-SG Values.


  • The entire system of recognition is based on the foundation of core values. All our reward and recognitions correlates the outstanding contribution to the core values and we mention the core value demonstrated in each certificate signed by Managing Director and also announced in monthly newsletter Sampark.