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We at PCBL

Wide-ranging businesses, growing returns and a reputation to reckon, makes working with RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group an enriching experience. Where entrepreneurial skills are valued, excellence is the by-word, and performance is a pre-requisite.

The Group values of Customer Happiness, Credibility, Humaneness, Execution Excellence, Speed and Risk Taking propel it to perform and excel in all spheres of the business. This sets the tone for us at PCBL. We pride ourselves in putting people first.

The organisation is driven to build competence to support the organisational growth plans, to be a fair and exciting work place, to establish new leadership behaviours necessary to support the future multi-cultural business expansion and address areas of concerns of employees based on employee engagement surveys to create a motivated, engaged workforce.

The above objectives act as the guiding principle for all our HR subsystems such as Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Career Development, etc.

Communication is the base for building a healthy organisation. To understand and gauge people’s expectations and formulate HR strategies in line with the same, we have certain tools in place.